Progressive Jackpots

Set New Records with Progressive Jackpots: Find out Why These Money Makers Have Taken the Gaming Market by Storm!

Shorter Option: Find out Why Progressive Jackpots Have Taken the Gaming Market by Storm!

The world of online gaming is extremely diverse, and is made up of so many casino games, that it becomes hard to keep up with new game releases. When Progressive Jackpots were added to the mix, though, players suddenly took a keen interest in the variety of progressive titles available, eagerly anticipating each new release. But what is it about Progressive Jackpot casino games that make them so popular amongst all types of players?

Unlike most slots or casino games, a percentage of all wagers placed on Progressive Jackpot games get added to one main prize pool, progressively increasing the potential winnings on offer with every bet placed (hence the name Progressive Jackpot). These games usually come in the form of slots – which makes them particularly appealing, as they do not involve overly complicated mechanics or features that are nearly impossible to trigger. What’s more, these jackpots have completely redefined online gaming, by creating overnight millionaires with just one single spin. Flashback to October 2015, where a Mister Jon Heywood walked away with more than 13 million pounds on the Mega Moolah progressive slot. Heywood’s winning spin resulted from a wager of just £6.80, further illustrating that Progressive Jackpots do not require you to bet big to win big.

So where exactly can you find Progressive Jackpot casino games? Well, a quick Internet search should easily lead the way – but if that does not work, you can simply look out for titles from esteemed software provider Microgaming, designer of the Mega Moolah online slot and one of the oldest and most respected software creators in the industry. But, your choice of progressive games are not only limited to those designed by Microgaming. Simply visit an online casino of your choice, search for “Progressive Jackpots” and you could be next in line for that lucky millionaire-making spin.